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Preparing Guacamole


El Milagro = The Miracle

El Milagro (The Miracle) Because when there was no hope left, An extraordinary event in our lives helped us to believe that our dreams can come true. Mexican born and raised our lives have always revolved around food. Be it for special events or just our regular Sunday dinners even just our everyday meals; food has always been the center of attention. Not much has changed since leaving our beloved Mexico. Except maybe our love for food has grown and really become part of our family. Trying to recreate our favourite dishes while not being able to find all the "authentic" ingredients has only made our passion to cook much stronger. We have had many trial and error until we've reached the taste we desire! (don't worry no food was wasted! Our children can attest to this! ;) We simply cannot think of a better way to serve people and share our love for food than through catering. We know how busy life is and how having a meal ready to go makes all the difference! We also know food is a way to bring people together so next time you have a gathering and want to dedicate yourself fully to your guests let US do the hard work!

Preparing Burrito
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